Private Lessons

Our instructors are available to teach private lessons in addition to our group classes. Each of our instructors encourages good sportsmanship, goal-setting, and dedication. Whether your interests are recreational or competitive, our staff can help.

Beginning skaters who wish to take private lessons must be concurrently enrolled in our group lessons until they have passed Delta.

Choosing a Coach

You are welcome to come observe our professional staff in action and check out their attached biographies. Generally, skaters get to know our various coaches when they take our group classes. Coaches set their lesson times according to rink availability. If you are unsure of who to pick you can fill out a private lesson request form in the front office. We will then provide you with a list of available coaches.

Private Lesson Fees

Private lesson fees and payment methods vary per instructor and are for instruction only. They do not include ice time or admission fees. If you need to cancel a private lesson you should contact the instructor directly if possible, or leave a message at the rink at least 24 hours in advance. You may be charged for lessons for which you fail give notice of cancellation. If you need further assistance in choosing a coach, please feel free to contact us, and we will match you with the right coach.

Senior Staff/Professional Coaches

*Names in bold have bios attached. Coach fees are per 20-minute private lessons. Rate: $25 / $75 per hour.
Jean Boyens-Reis
Kylie Chinen
Robyn Conboy
Susan Donahue
Debrah Lauer
Kellie Nakamura
Joycelyn Ng
Denise Powell
Connie Suafoa
Kahiapo Tavares