Rink Rules

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  • All exits are to be kept clear at all times.
  • Jumps and spins are prohibited during public sessions.
  • Ice Palace Hawaii is not responsible for any personal items that are stolen or left within or around the premises.
  • Incidents or malicious destruction(s) are to be reported to the manager/supervisor on duty immediately.
  • No pets of any kind are permitted on the premises, except for service animals.
  • No food or beverages allowed on the ice at any time.
  • No more than two people may skate together.
  • No one is allowed on the ice during resurfacing. Zamboni doors must be closed before anyone is permitted onto the playing surface.
  • No one is permitted on the ice without skates.
  • No running or horseplay.
  • No smoking or Vaping of electronic cigarettes/vape pipes within Ice Palace. Smoke in designated areas of the vicinity.
  • No stick or puck play (ball) allowed outside of the playing surfaces.
  • No tag or games of any kind are permitted on or off the ice.
  • Patrons must not sit on, lean over, or leave articles on the dasher boards.
  • Roughness, excessive speeding or weaving through other skaters is prohibited.
  • Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items such as cameras, cellular phones, handbags, etc. while skating (Lockers are available for rent upon availability).
  • Skating in a manner that endangers or interferes with other skaters’ safety or pleasure is strictly forbidden.
  • Throwing snowballs or any objects is strictly prohibited.
  • While on the ice, skaters must keep moving.