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From Tot to Serious Competitor
Ice Palace offers programs tailored for skaters of all levels, from tots to adults. Our qualified coaching staff teaches in a fun and friendly manner. The program is designed to give the recreational and competitive skater the correct foundations on which to build a lifetime of ice skating enjoyment.

Ice Skating Program
The Ice Palace offers the Ice Skating Program, certified by the Ice Sports Industry (ISI). It is designed to allow skaters to learn in a fun and stress-free environment.

  • Blocks of classes are offered year round in 8 week increments.

  • Classes are also offered to adults.

Curling Event
October 1-5, 2019 (No Classes)
Public School Fall Intersession
October 7-12, 2019 (No Classes)
Block 6
October 15-November 30, 2019

Introductory Skaters (3).jpg

So, you want to learn how to ice skate but you may have very little to no ice skating experience? Not to worry we have a class for you! Skaters at this level will learn about their skating equipment, safety both on and off the ice, falling and getting up properly, balancing, and forward and backward skating.

beginning skaters (3).jpg

You have now completed the Tots and Pre-Alpha levels.
Skaters at this level will continue to learn about the use of their skating equipment and safety on the ice. Forward and Backward stroking, crossovers, a variety of stops, and turning both from forward to backward and backward to forward.

Intermediate Skaters (3).jpg

Skaters at this level have a solid foundation of skating skills. This is the time to start focusing on a skating discipline such as Figure Skating, Hockey, and/ or Speed Skating. Choosing the track for you may be difficult so you can try a few different disciplines to help make a choice.

Advanced Skaters (3).jpg

Now you are in full training mode and need to specialize in different areas. We have a wide variety of specialty classes to assist you.