advanced Skaters

Now you are in full training mode and need to specialize in different areas. We have a wide variety of specialty classes to assist you.


  • Block 2: March 12 - May 11, 2019

  • The cost for the 8-week classes is $120.00

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Develop your personal creative style. Learn to use props and do improvisation. Learn the new disciplines of Rhythmic Skating (balls / hoops / ribbons) and share your skills in performances in our shows. This artistry class is not just about skating abilities but also you’re rhythmic skating skills with assigned prop. Skaters may be able to test up or down depending on these skills.

Artistry levels are as follows:

  • Advanced Artistry: FS 5 and above

  • Intermediate Artistry: FS 2-4

  • Beginning Artistry: Gamma / Delta – FS 1 (Advance Beta level skaters may try out)

  • Artistry 101: Entry level class Pre- Alpha – Beta


This class goes back to the "roots" of figure skating. You will learn edge control and muscle isolations. Having these skills will allow you to execute jumps and spins with quality control. Figures class can help prepare you for the Figures portion of the USFS Moves in the field test. It is preferred that you have some basic knowledge of forward and backward edge before entering this class. Delta Level and above is encouraged to join this class.

Synchronized Skating

This class provides the opportunity to work in a "team" environment. Skaters learn to utilize skills that strengthen individual skating, basic technique, footwork, posture, presentation and rhythm.

Jump & Spin Theory

Advance class designed to focus on reinforcing your foundation of basic jump and spins. All skaters will need to have passed the ISI Freestyle 2 level to be enrolled in this class.

Power Stroking

Increase your endurance and strength. Open to skaters who have passed ISI Gamma level or have passed an evaluation.  This is also a great class to pair with the hockey skating skills class.